Adarsh College of Arts & Commerce, Kulgaon
(0251-2691819, 2691897.)
(Recognized under 2(f) & 12 B of UGC Act 1956, Permanently Affiliated To University Of Mumbai)

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The students can apply for following scholarships/Freeships.

Students’ Welfare Fund

The college has a Students’ Welfare Fund from which deserving and needy students of the degree college are given financial assistance to meet their tuition/examination fees, cost of books, S.T. Pass, medical charges etc. Students should apply for assistance in response to the notice issued in this regard. Every student of the degree college has to contribute Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty Only) as yearly contribution towards the Students’ Welfare Fund.

Book- Bank Scheme for Backward Class Students

According to the guidelines of Department of Students’ Welfare of University of Mumbai, the college has ‘University of Mumbai- Book Bank Scheme’ for Backward Class Students. Books are issued for one academic year only. Students are expected to use the books with care and return them to the book bank after the examination. At present, the book bank has a collection of more than 1500 books. Books for various competitive examinations are also available in the book bank. Students are expected to follow the rules of the book bank strictly.

Scholarships and Free ships

Government Scholarships and Freeships are available to the students of the college. Students are given necessary guidance and co-operation in securing these scholarships and freeships from concerned authorities. The scholarships and freeships are as follows:

  1. Government of India scholarship to Scheduled Caste and Lower Income Group.

  2. Maharashtra State Economically Backward Class Free Studentship.

  3. Freeship to sons and daughters of Primary School Teachers in Maharashtra State.

  4. Freeship to Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribes Students.

  5. National Loan Scholarship.

  6. National Merit Scholarship.

  7. Maharashtra State Open Merit Scholarship for students of all communities.

  8. Maharashtra State Scholarship to Children of Freedom Fighters.

  9. Freeship (Fee concessions) to Children of Ex-Servicemen and Physically handicapped students.

  10. Any other scholarship or free ship declared by the Central/ Maharashtra Government during the course of the academic year.

भारत सरकार मॅट्रिकोत्तर शिष्यवृत्ती संदर्भातील शासन निर्णय 

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